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Thoughts on the development of China hot runner mould industry
Jan 19, 2018

       The measures and policy recommendations for the development of the hot runner mold industry are as follows:

1. Formulate policies to guide the investment direction.

Advice from Japan in the 60 s and seventy s last century few revitalizing method (rejuvenation measures) formulation and implementation of experience, to the revitalization of the hot runner mold and other industries in China, to develop our laws and regulations.To cooperate with the new laws and regulations, adopt government intervention and economic support policies, formulate corresponding policies and measures, and give support to finance, taxation, technical reform and other aspects in the form of legislation.

In view of the hot runner mold product net increment rate is high, hot runner mold enterprise VAT tax 1 times higher than other industrial machinery industry average, so reduce the hot runner mold enterprise value-added tax burden, or continue to perform policy returned to after soliciting, or reduce the VAT, for example, from 17% to 5% ~ 17%.

Encourage investment in the development of hot runner molds.For example, the construction fund of the investment hot runner mould factory can deduct the enterprise income tax.To introduce the key equipment and the raw materials and spare parts needed for the hot runner mould to encourage the introduction of high and new technology and its products.

2. Accelerate institutional reform and adjust the industrial structure.

At present, the industrial structure of hot runner mold industry is unreasonable.It is mainly manifested in enterprise organization structure, product structure, technical structure and import and export structure.During the eleventh five-year plan period, we should take active measures to adjust and rationalize them under the guidance of relevant policies.Encourage specialization, commercialization of production, for example, encourage large, precision, complex, long-life hot runner mold and hot runner mold standard parts production, encourage the separation of advocate complementary make hot runner mold production from affiliated to independence.

3. Market operation, vigorously develop the hot runner mold industrial chain cluster.

During the period of "11th five-year plan", on the one hand, to support encourage conditional place construction with high level and large capacity of hot runner mold production agglomeration base (or called hot runner mold, hot runner mold city park), through the marketing operation, gradually formed a regional relatively hot runner mold production chain.

On the other hand suggest taking automobile cover parts as the main service object mould of hot flow path, by actively guide, to the existing large power and high levels of enterprise leading regional car hot runner mold manufacturing network.The network is a consortium of enterprises, or strategic alliance, with a common technical platform and close cooperative relationship. It can operate as a virtual enterprise and a community of interests.If successful, it can be promoted gradually in the industry between 2010 and 2020.

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