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Typical structure of injection mold
Jan 18, 2018

1. Forming parts

     The cavity is molded directly, and the plastic part is usually made of male mold core and female mold core.

2. pouring system.

     The plastic nozzle from the nozzle less machine leads to the cavity of the runway known as the pouring system,         the main runner. Split runner. Gating.

3. Guide part

       In order to ensure that the movable mold and the fixed mold clamping accurately set the guide part, there are            usually: guidepost (GP), positioning block, ejecting guide column (EGP), etc.

4. Parting core pulling mechanism

       With the outer concave or side hole plastic parts are being pushed out before the lateral classification must be        carried out in order to smooth release.Common bodies are: slider (including the mother mold core slider, the          mother mold explosive slider) , Oblique sales and so on.

5. Eject the device

        In the mold opening process, the plastic parts from the mold ejection device.

6. Cool the heating system

    In order to meet the injection mold temperature requirements, the mold is equipped with cooling or heating          system is generally opened in the mold cooling water, heating or oil substances.

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