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Understand the characteristics of mold manufacturing structure
Jan 22, 2018

         With the development of industry, people's demand for products is getting higher and higher, and the processing technology of some products is constantly improving.Mold is the industrial production to injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging molding, smelting, the methods of stamping products for a variety of molds and tools, that is, for the molding tool.With the development of the mould factory, it is conceivable that the mold red industry has a great impact on our industrial production.The mould manufacturing is divided into plane blanking die and space - shaped cavity mold.Blanking die is used to match the dimensions of punch and die, some even without clearance.Other forging die such as cold extrusion die, die casting die, powder metallurgy die, plastic mould, rubber mold and so on belong to the mold cavity mold, used for forming three-dimensional shape of the workpiece.The shape of the cavity is in the long, wide and high three directions, which are complex in shape and difficult to manufacture.Mold production is usually single, small batch production, manufacturing requirements strict, precise, more precise processing equipment and measuring devices.

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