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Unique project management system
Jan 11, 2018

As a professional plastic mold manufacturer, which aspects do you think are particularly important during the whole mold making?

In Yangfan mould, Project Management, Bonus System, well communicated capability of PM & Project audit mechanism are bright spots

1. Project Management -- Yangfan company employs a project "team", which is not only project managers/engineers, but also including CNC team leader, EDM team leader and assembly team leader, and they mainly decide the on-time delivery and good quality. This system has proved to be highly efficient.

2. Special bonus System –We have special project bonus for project “team”, which takes about 50-70% of their monthly income. They can get very good pay only when the mold is completed as per schedule and with good quality. This has proved to be very effective stimulation policy.

3. Good communication capability–our project managers & engineers average have more than 8-year experience, they have good communication capability, can solve any problems quickly during mold making.

4. Project audit mechanism –During process of project, 5 important review meetings including DFM, Design & machining will be held to ensure the project well done.

The above system has led to more than 1200 successful projects to worldwide. Hope one day we can have chance to show you our good work. We can manufacture custom plastic mould.

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