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What are the basic features of SMC mould design?
Jan 20, 2018

The mould design of SMC mould usually USES hydraulic press, and the upper and lower parts of the mould are fixed on the press.Mold including cavity cores, it is the same as the injection mould, test materials on the open mold, then close the pressure machine, set the pressure caused by the temperature and press melted the raw materials into the mould cavity, this kind of mold trial mold material is usually for SMC, BMC, GMT. Therefore we also often call this kind of mold for SMC mold, BMC mould, GMT moulds.

SMC mold design for flake reinforced thermoplastic material, usually used for large products, and the intensity of such products need to be bigger, BMC material for the group, is rich in short fiber, has the superior mechanical properties, low shrinkage, and color stability, GMT materials for glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic, can be widely used in car body parts, can replace the traditional metal parts, reduce weight, reduce costs, and injection molds, SMC mold need heating instead of cooling.The usual heating methods include steam, oil, electricity, and high pressure water.

SMC mold design temperature is usually between 140 and 160, the design of the mould when the temperature of the system to pay special attention to make the entire surface of the mold temperature is consistent, the unification of the temperature can reduce deformation, improve the stability of the size, and the uniformity of product surface in a new generation of mold software, manufacturability evaluation mainly includes the mold design and manufacturing cost estimation, evaluation for assembling mold, mold parts manufacturability evaluation document, die structure and forming performance evaluation, etc. a new generation of software shall also have the function for assembly, because the function of the mould can be reflected only by the assembly structure.By adopting the method of design for assembly (after, mold assembly is no longer a simple assembling parts one by one, its data structure can not only describe the function of the mould, and definition of the relationship between mold parts assembly feature, implementation parts, thus effectively guarantee the quality of the mould

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