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What are the classification of the mould
Jan 22, 2018


           The mold is the first of advanced manufacturing industry, high technology content, belongs to the high and new technology industry, it is the basic process equipment of industrial production, its application is quite extensive.At the same time, the mould manufacturer will develop with the related industries, such as computer technology, electronic technology, communication technology, optical technology and so on.Generally speaking, the mold can be divided into two kinds: metal material forming mold, such as die, forging die, die casting mold, etc.Non-metallic material forming molds, such as plastic injection moulds, die-casting dies and injection moulds, rubber parts, glass parts and ceramic parts forming molds.The specific classification methods of the mold are many, which are commonly used: according to the mold structure, the stamping die can be divided into single process die, compound die, progressive die, etc.The plastic mold can be divided into single parting surface plastic mold, double parting surface plastic mold, etc.According to the process property, the punching die can be divided into punching die, blanking die, drawing die, bending die;Plastic mold can be divided into compression mold, injection mold, injection mold, etc.From here, we can see that the range of mold making is extensive, which has a great impact on our industry

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