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What are the similarities and differences of Plastic mold and metal stamping mold .
Jan 18, 2018

                                        The differences of Plastic mold and metal stamping mold .

Plastic mold: the general thermal model (process for the thermal process), so to consider the heat balance and thermal deformation, which generally larger mold, while water cooling system. At the same time as there is difficult to control the thermal deformation, so the machining accuracy is not high, the efficiency of metal stamping die height. On the other hand, the processing technology is different, the plastic mold material used for the molten fluid, by injection mold cavity, the speed is more slow.

Metal stamping die: the general cold mold (process for the room temperature process), there is no water cooling system, the precision of the processing requirements particularly high, by immersion oil cooling, and easy to achieve high processing accuracy. On the other hand metal stamping die according to the purpose of processing different divided into blanking die and forming die, the processing of materials for a certain rigidity, high efficiency.

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