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What is a good supplier
Jan 05, 2018

What is a good supplier? How to choose a good supplier? I think that it is a difficult problem for all customers.

In simple terms, I think it is the size and business philosophy of the supplier suited for your company. What do you think?

Generally the top quality suppliers in the eyes of buyers have 10 standards:

1 Value + cost

2. Reliability quality

3. Excellent performance, surpassing customer demand

4. Professional skills and knowledge

5. Ability to solve problems

6. Continuous improvement

7. Support (training or technical maintenance, etc.)

8. Positive and healthy corporate culture

9. Global strategy

10. Perfect service

Each of the 10 standards is a very important for choosing the supplier. Do you agree with it?

We are proffesional China Plastic Injection Molding ToolsCustom Metal Plastic Mould Manufacturer.Are you a good supplier?

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