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What position does mold development occupy in national production level?
Jan 20, 2018

In modern mould development of machinery manufacturing, mold production has become a very important industry in national economy, the development and production of many new products, to a large extent depends on the form of manufacturing technology, especially in the automobile, light industry, electronics and aerospace industries, especially importantly, mould manufacturing industry is the key to mold the development of technology, mould technology is also involved in interdisciplinary.As a high value-added and technology-intensive product, the mold has become one of the main indexes to measure the production level of a country.As a result, over time, manufacturing has rapidly advanced many advanced tooling technologies.

Mold development and processing manufacturer of surface engineering technology is a kind of modified solid metal or nonmetal surface, chemical composition and organization structure, surface properties required to achieve system technology, mould surface change production process using plasma and laser, electron beam and high density method such as solar energy, make ion implantation on the surface of the change.Surface cladding technology is to point to the surface engineering method, before the products processing various special features of the coating, with very little material can cause a lot of expensive materials, can play or hard to play, and at the same time greatly reduce the processing of the workpiece.Mold development main characteristic is very useful, thermal spraying method, electrospark coating, plastic powder coating, vacuum evaporation, sputter deposition, ion plating chromium, chemical gas phase deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, ion beam synthesis BoMo technology, composite surface coating technology will be two or more methods used for processing the same subject, not only in their own performance on a wide range of surface treatment technology, more can show the integrated use of good effect.

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