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Analysis And Development Of Plastic Mold Industry
Sep 30, 2017

With the progress of the processing technology and production equipment, with plastic materials for the production of raw materials, through different production process such as hollow molding processing thermoplastic/thermosetting plastic products is becoming more and more widely in production and living of the application of different occasions, light industrial machinery, agriculture, forestry and transportation in different industries, such as plastic products have a wide range of applications.

However, because plastic products belong to polymers, how to dispose of discarded plastic products becomes a head-scratching problem. Simple landfill disposal, plastic products are difficult to break down, and pollute the soil environment. If incineration is done, the auxiliary materials added during the process of plastic production will produce poisonous and harmful gases and pollute the air environment.

It is understood that the emergence and development of recycled plastics industry is expected to solve the problem of plastic product pollution. In recent years, people more and more attention to living environment quality, to enhance the environmental protection consciousness, and crude oil prices, driven higher prices of plastic raw materials, clean green renewable plastic industry got the good opportunity of development, industry experts, after technical innovation of products and industrial structure adjustment, recycled plastics industry in China has made great progress, heading towards high quality, many varieties, the direction of high technology.

Despite the promising prospects of China's renewable plastic industry, many problems remain in the course of development. On the one hand, due to the wide range of recycled plastic sources, the quality is uneven and the performance difference between batches is very large, which leads to the low quality stability of recycled plastic. On the other hand, the cost of recycled plastic is higher, and its price is higher than the original plastic price. In addition, from the overall situation of recycled plastic industry, domestic waste plastic recycling enterprises are still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and the concentration degree of industry is relatively scattered. As the recycling of waste plastic is a complicated process, the requirement of technology is high. However, China's domestic recycling plastic industry is still dominated by physical recycling, which in some way hinders the development of the whole industry.

Expert thinks, vigorously promote the circular economy in the country, promote reform of traditional industries, promote the sustainable development of environment friendly, although domestic renewable plastic industry also has a variety of problems to be solved, regeneration is still a bright prospect of the development of plastic industry. Domestic plastic industry enterprises should seize the opportunity to develop recycled plastic production projects and promote green development in the industry.

Domestic parts of plastic mold began to replace imported products
Mold industry belongs to the basic industry of the national economy, which involves the machinery, automobile, light industry, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. The application scope is very wide. China's industry has been developing rapidly, including the development of automobile manufacturing, IT manufacturing and medical equipment, and the opportunity for development of the entire mold industry.

In recent years, domestic enterprises mold technology and continuous improvement of products, therefore, some plastic mold or injection molded parts start circulation in the world, become the country's some high-end industry supply chain system, but also replaced the imported products, get rid of the reliance on it. But it is undeniable that it is only a small part of the international high-end market.

Along with our country mold industry technology level, product level gradually increased, some international host industry supply chain system further now inclined to domestic enterprises, which will make is an opportunity and challenge. It is understood that by 2015, the self-allocation rate of mold will reach more than 85% in China, and the self-supporting ratio of medium and high-end mould will be significantly improved.

Some experts pointed out that in the future, the mold industry in China will continue to improve its production capacity, and focus on the improvement of internal structural adjustment and technological development. Mainly is the enterprise to the specialization of structure adjustment of product structure towards the high-end mold development, to the improvement of import and export structure, high-grade automotive covering parts die forming analysis and structure improvement, multi-functional composite die and composite processing and application of laser technology in the mold design and manufacturing, high speed cutting, super finishing and polishing technology, the informationization direction.