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Domestic Main Mould Production Ground State
Sep 30, 2017

Domestic main mould production ground state
Domestic main mould production base in guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, anhui.
1) main provinces and cities and characteristics
Guangdong - domestic mold market leader, three - funded enterprises as the main body. Guangdong province has more than 10,000 mould manufacturing enterprises, with 300,000 employees, and the number of enterprises, employees, and completed industrial output and export value are the first in the country. Guangdong is the most important mould market in China, and also the largest mould export and import province in China. More than 40% of the national mold output value comes from guangdong, and the CNC rate and equipment performance, mold processing technology, production specialization and standard are leading other provinces and cities in China.
Zhejiang - plastic mold is bigger than major, private enterprise as the main body. Zhejiang mold industry mainly focuses on ningbo city and taizhou city. Ningbo city's ninghai, yuyao, cixi and yinzhou mainly produce plastic molds, the north lun is dominated by die-casting molds, and the xiangshan and zhoushan are mainly casting and stamping moulds. Taizhou main mold production enterprises are concentrated in huangyan and road Bridges, plastic mold is the majority.
Shanghai - information industry and automotive industry mold are dominant. Shanghai has more than 2,000 mould enterprises, with more than 100,000 employees and annual output of nearly 6 billion yuan, with an annual average growth rate of over 20%. Shanghai mold industry will face six major industries and key industries, especially the information (IT) industry and automobile industry, vigorously develop the IT industry precision magnesium alloy die casting, precision injection mold, automotive covering parts of die casting, precision stamping moulds, large parts of multistep progressive die.
Jiangsu -- foreign capital and private enterprises are the main force. Jiangsu mold mainly concentrated in suzhou and kunshan. Suzhou currently has more than 1000 mold factories, more than 1000 die processing points, annual sales of mold of about 5 billion ~6 billion yuan, mould industry is one of the new industries in the city. Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and China Taiwan, Hong Kong area of sole proprietorship, joint ventures, private mold enterprises are also many.
Anhui -- the rising power of the emerging world. At present, the anhui province has a number of high-profile domestic mould products, such as washing machine, air conditioner and other large injection mold, refrigerators blister foaming mold, motor stator lamination high-speed progressive dies, etc., some market share as high as 30% above. Mold standard parts, mould material base has also been formed. In addition, shandong, fujian, tianjin, liaoning, chongqing and hebei have also seen better development in recent years.
2) the annual output value of mold is over 100 million yuan.
During the tenth five-year plan period, first the pearl river delta region, then the Yangtze river delta area, and then the bohai rim region, currently the majority of the nationwide mold concentration of about 80 percent in these three areas. According to metalworking journalists, the mold enterprises of the mold output of over 100 million yuan are mainly concentrated in the area of automobile covering parts. During the 11th five-year plan period, the "leading" enterprises of various types of moulds were gradually formed. Such as: automotive covering parts mould faw mould manufacturing co., LTD., precision stamping die in wuxi sheng precision mold co., LTD., in large plastic mold haier mould company, plastic different profile mould of tongling three jia technology co., LTD. (mold first wave), rubber tire mold ship mold co., LTD. Of guangdong jieyang tianyang moulds co., LTD., the contact and standard parts of Hong Kong dragon group and set up industry (dalian) co., LTD. In the hundreds of millions of die enterprises, foreign capital accounts for a significant proportion.