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Existing Problems In China's Mold Industry
Sep 30, 2017

In recent years, the structure of China's mold industry, whether organizational structure, product structure, technical structure and import and export structure, has been developing towards rationalization. In order to upgrade and upgrade equipment, mold enterprises need to import billions of yuan of equipment every year. The personage inside course of study thinks, investing in innovation and development is still inadequate, the mold industry comprehensive development capacity of ascension has seriously lag behind the increase of production capacity, main problems embodied in the following aspects.
1) weak innovation capability;
2) low overall efficiency;
3) low degree of specialization, standardization, commercialization and poor coordination;
4) lag in mold materials and mold related technologies;
5) enterprise organization structure, product structure, technical structure and import and export structure are not reasonable;
6) compared with the international advanced level, the management of the mold enterprise lags behind the backward technology.
5. Development trend of China's mold industry
In the next decade, the development trend of China's mold industry is that the mold products will develop towards large, sophisticated, complex, economical and fast development. The technical content of the die is constantly improved, and the mould manufacturing cycle is shortened. The development of mold production towards informatization, ungraph, refinement, automation; The mould enterprise develops to the technical integration, the equipment is refined, the product brand, the management informationization, the management internationalization direction develops. The development of die technology focuses on the following aspects.
1) the mold structure is becoming larger, more sophisticated, more complex and more life span;
2) extensive application of CAD/CAE/CAM technology in mold design and manufacture;
3) promotion and application of new technology in mould design and manufacture;
4) improve the standard of mold and standard parts;
5) develop high-quality mould materials and advanced surface treatment technology;
6) develop new process and mold, cultivate new ideas and new models.