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Injection Molding Evolves To Today's Global Product Needs
Feb 03, 2018

Plastic, rubber, and metal injection molding and, more recently, rapid molding techniques have been major contributors in global manufacturing. A variety of processes and equipment can be used, depending on volumes, materials and turnaround time, and whether parts are prototypes or finished ones. The rise of rapid molding for fast delivery of high-mix, low-volume products and prototypes, and new ways to make molds such as 3D printing, are changing the way design engineers use injection molding in product development and production planning.

Dan Barsness, product manager for the Protomold service of fast-turn molding company Proto Labs said molding services can be classified into three different types: traditional high-volume molders; a broad group of lower-cost, high-volume molding services typically located offshore; and rapid molders, a more recent phenomenon.