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Innovation And Change Become The Main Theme Of The Development Of Plastic Machinery Industry
Sep 30, 2017

In recent years, the development speed of China's plastics machinery industry has been obvious, but at the same time, it faces many problems. On economic cycle, China plastic commodity prices, the export situation is good, the enterprise profit outlook, so I added a lot of finished product or raw material inventory, expand the investment at the same time, a large number of purchasing plastic machinery and equipment.
Plastic industry in recent years for the market capacity expansion for a few times, not only bring the environmental problems, from a macro point of view, also can cause the situation of imbalance between investment and consumption, for related plastic enterprise, the expansion of the factory, staff recruitment, expand the production capacity and a large number of purchasing plastic machinery and equipment, are faced with the problem of excess production capacity, operation of the enterprise have to face many pressures, for the government, must want to regulate the ration of good resources, guide the market gradually digestion of excess production capacity, to ensure that the plastic market toward a better direction.
Plastic overcapacity also represents the surplus production capacity of plastic machinery, plastic machinery in China mainly mid-range of mechanical products, the biggest problem is the low technical content, secondly homogeneity is more serious, the market competition is big, in the case of the domestic market is saturated, find new sales channels to consume excess capacity, is currently the top priority.
For the current problems, we need to do the following five points:
The first is to control the rate of expansion of capacity, according to the demand of the terminal, according to the need to produce;
Second, we should give full play to our price advantages and quickly seize the market share of low-end plastic machinery such as southeast Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe and so on.
Third, we will gradually improve the technology content of products, increase the added value of products, and strive for an early development of high-end product lines and enhance core competitiveness.
Four is the integrity management, now the American PLASTICS industry association (PLASTICS) issued the injection molding machine manufacturing and the use of the new standard requirements. Injection molding machine in order to win the market, exports of the United States plastic machinery production shall be in strict accordance with the provisions of the index, in the face of the outside world under the pressure and challenges, we will gradually improve its own technical strength;
The fifth is to find missing, innovative new products. Pollution in the plastics industry, for example, is a global concern. Relevant ability of plastic machinery and equipment manufacturers can be related to research and development, development of plastic anti-fouling, reduction of equipment or a solution is to develop plastic production line pollution, such as the use of equipment or improvement of plastic machinery and equipment, spare parts in the production line to improve the problem of pollution, etc.
"Science and technology is the first productivity", China's plastic machinery equipment only by constantly improve the level of our technology unceasing progress, our shortcomings and weaknesses can also become our new way forward, the development of plastics machinery industry also need to constantly innovation continuously change yourself to cater to the demand of the market, can be in an impregnable position.