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The Automobile Mould Production Light Quantization ''The Times'' Comes
Sep 30, 2017

Nowadays, it has become an inevitable trend for automobile mould production to be light quantified, whether from performance considerations or environmental protection. The carbon fiber composite is a lightweight choice for cars, and the best known formula is carbon fiber composite. With the development of technology, this kind of material gradually popularize, has begun to apply to the ordinary car. At home, the company is working hand in hand with German researchers, and is working on the development and production of this technology, and has achieved some results.

1. The light weight of cars is unstoppable
Reducing the weight of the car is something that people have been trying to explore. The car becomes lighter, on the one hand can improve the performance of the vehicle, on the other hand can meet the demand of energy conservation and environmental protection more. If the steel parts of the car are replaced by carbon fiber composite materials, the body weight can be reduced by 40-50%, and the acceleration and steering of the car will improve significantly. In addition, the current emission of motor vehicle pollutants in China has exceeded 45 million tons. The development of light - quantized car is an urgent need to realize China's low carbon economy. Every 10% weight loss, according to car, can save fuel consumption to 7%, the current steel material accounted for about three-quarters of the body weight, if the car all the steel parts by carbon fiber composite material replacement, can reduce body weight 300 kg, a 36% increase in fuel efficiency, emissions of carbon dioxide can be cut by 17%. If the weight loss is 20% to 30%, the CO2 emission per vehicle can be reduced by 0.5t per year, which will not only reduce the cost of use, but also be more environmentally friendly.

Carbon fiber composite material is an inevitable choice
Carbon fiber is made from chemical and oil by a special process of fiber, in addition to and as carbon materials have high temperature resistant, friction resistance, conductive, thermal conductivity and other properties, the higher its intensity, light quality, more resistant to corrosion. Its density is less than a quarter of the steel, but the tensile strength is 7 ~ 9 times that of steel, tensile elasticity is higher than that of steel, inert environment, the high temperature of 2000 ℃ above is the only material strength is not falling. In organic solvent, acid, alkali insoluble, corrosion resistance is outstanding. And it is soft and can be processed into various fabrics. From the perspective of use, carbon fiber does not have the problem of corrosion and rust, which is more durable than ordinary metal. In extreme weather conditions, the nature of carbon fiber hardly changes. Using carbon fiber to make car body can save high cost and cumbersome coating process. No wonder people say that carbon fiber is almost the most perfect material for cars to lose weight.

Cars that use carbon fiber composite materials accelerate faster
3. The development of carbon fiber composite materials technology is closely watched
There are two key technologies that attract the attention of oems. One is modular production, carbon fiber composite materials have good plasticity, can be processed into various parts, can also be made into a monolithic structure. Car seats need to welding, for example, 50 ~ 60 parts, if use the carbon fiber composite material, which can realize a processing molding, short processing time, not only reduces the cost, and the accuracy is guaranteed. Second is the production process - resin transfer moulding (RTM) technology for the development of application, can significantly improve the parts molding speed, will be a few days time of the traditional molding for a few minutes, with the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, green environmental protection. Companies such as BMW, audi and the emperor have experimented with or used the technology. The use of the updated molding technology can enable the carbon fiber products to meet the requirements of A level surface and expand the use of carbon fiber composite materials in automobiles.

The application of carbon fiber composites in automobiles
Therefore, the application of carbon fiber composite materials technology provides the best choice for the light quantization of automobiles, which has become the inevitable choice on the road of change. In this field, kangfu composite is the leading position in this field, which can provide the top carbon fiber lightweight overall solution for the light weight development of automobile.