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The Development Opportunities Are Coming To Domestic Moulds In A Large Scale And Intelligent Direction
Sep 30, 2017

With the continuous growth of China's economy, the mold industry in China is known as the global mould manufacturing country with the annual import and export volume. Our country imported mould with nearly 1 billion dollars a year, of which precision, large, complex, long-life mold majority, as countries of independent product support, will gradually decrease imports, which brought new opportunities to domestic brands.

With the development of mould industry in China, the demand and demand for mould products are gradually improving. Domestic market to the growing demand in high-grade mold, household appliances, automobiles, plastic products industry development is also put forward higher request to the requirement of mould tool, thereby to the die cutting tool industry in our country has provided a broad market space. In China, the total import and export of mould is in the growth trend, but the actual export of the mold mainly in the middle and low-end products, in the world market is not big. These problems restrict the sustainable development of the mold industry, which has become a stumbling block in the development of the mold industry.

Over the past two years, a lot of mould enterprises to realize their existing problems, and are actively looking for a good solution, such as intensive management, continuously improve enterprise management level, improve the overall effectiveness of management, reasonable optimization of the structure of departments, improve the professional quality of employees, etc., but on the whole, these companies are still exist many problems. In the future, the proportion of high-efficiency CNC machine tools in our factory will increase year by year, and the demand of efficient advanced cutting tools will increase rapidly. The tool industry of our country must change the concept, vigorously develop the production of high efficiency advanced cutting tools, pay attention to the sales, and pay more attention to after-sales service, and the innovation of nuli has more market share. The domestic mould must meet the user's demand in quality, delivery time and so on. Relevant enterprises should actively transform their business models, use modern networks, accelerate technological innovation, expand sales channels, tap the potential of enterprises, and actively expand domestic and international markets.

Forward-looking industry research institute "in 2016-2021 China mold and die industry development prospects and investment strategy analysis report, according to the development of the industry in the future, the nature is the major technical innovation, technology upgrade is necessary, which is the most important industry rapid development and market demand, the condition of die mold want to highlight in the international industry in our country's comparative advantage on the market, must to large-scale, intelligent digital and ecological energy-saving way, make mould high-end industry to seek new ways of development.