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The Development Process Of Machining Process Of Precision Die Parts
Sep 30, 2017

For the making craft of precision mold parts, I think a lot of friends is very interested to know, when high temperature performance for precision mold parts into the mold working temperature is higher, can make the hardness and strength, cause mould early wear or produce plastic deformation and failure. Therefore, the mould material should have high anti-tempering stability to ensure that the mould has a high hardness and strength under working temperature. Resistance to cold and heat fatigue performance. Some mold in the process of work is in a state of repeated heating and cooling, the cavity surface tension, pressure and stress effect, cause surface cracking and spalling, increase the friction, obstacles to plastic deformation, reduces the dimension precision, resulting in the mould failure. Cold and heat fatigue is one of the main forms of thermal die failure.

Precision mould parts in the view of industry, expert advice, according to the domestic mold industry to keep up with the pace of global science and technology development, will continue to learn advanced foreign technology and tracking foreign advanced mold manufacturing technology, as well as the innovation, to create a more independent intellectual property rights of technology and products; According to the needs of the development direction of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China, the innovation of key technologies of mould design and manufacturing technology, compatibility technology and industry optimization and upgrading shall be strengthened. At the same time, we should improve the quality and level of the staff, and solve the shortage of talents, especially the shortage of talents in the mold industry. So we want to develop a domestic mold fittings production process, also need to study more innovative, such ability technology, then improve the mold fittings technology development request what?