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The General Situation Of China's Mold Industry
Sep 30, 2017

The general situation of China's mold industry
Since 1997, countries include mold and its processing technology and equipment on the current national focus on encouraging the development of the industry, catalogue of products and technologies, and encourage the catalog of foreign-funded industries, and the part of key professional mold factory preferential policies of the VAT refund; In 1999, the country added the relevant mould technology and products to the national priority development guide (catalogue), which was released by the national planning commission and the ministry of science and technology. All these measures have greatly promoted the rapid development of China's mold industry.
1) rapid growth of the mould industry
In 2005, the total output value of mould industry in China jumped to the third place in the world, reaching 61 billion yuan, and the total output value of mold industry reached 72 billion in 2006. The total output value of China's mould industry (average annual growth rate is above 16%), the number of enterprises, the number of employees and the total labor productivity are increasing year by year.
2) the proportion of imports and exports has become more reasonable, but it is still the country with the largest annual net import volume in the world. The increase in the import amount of mould products in China is decreasing year by year, the export volume is increasing year by year, the import and export ratio is down from 6.6 in 1999 to 2:1 in 2006. The export mold is still mainly in the middle and low grade, while the imported mould is mainly middle and high grade. The main gap is concentrated in the mould with high technical content such as precision, large, complex and long life.
3) the technical level has been continuously improved, but there is still a big gap compared with the foreign countries. During the eleventh five-year plan period, China's mould technology developed rapidly. At present, China can produce precision multi-station model with precision of 2 microns, with a life span of 1 ~ 200 million. In the aspect of large plastic mould, we can now produce plastic mould of 48-inch TV, plastic mould of large-capacity washing machine, automobile bumpers, integral instrument panel and so on. In the aspect of precision plastic mold, the domestic has been able to produce camera plastic mold, multi-cavity small module gear moulds and plastic sealing mould. In the aspect of large precision complex die casting mould, the whole plate of escalator and rear axle gear box is produced in China. But, there is still a large gap compared with foreign manufacturing in China are in urgent need of precision and complex stamping die and plastic mould, car covering mould, electronic connectors and other electronic products, mould, etc., are still a large number of imports.