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The Present Situation And Development Prospect Of Automobile Stamping Die
Mar 08, 2018

As an important part of equipment manufacturing industry, the mould has a high degree of industrial correlation, which guarantees industrial upgrading and technological progress.The function of the mould is to process the raw material, and then transform the raw material into a processing tool with complete structure and precise size.The mold is mostly used for efficient, mass production of industrial parts.With the development of modern industry, the application of die has become more and more extensive.In our country, all kinds of industries need to rely on mold processing and forming, such as automobiles, electronics, home appliances, aerospace, building materials, etc., so the mold is also called the mother of industry.This paper mainly explains the present situation and development prospect of automobile stamping die.

There are many kinds of moulds and many classification methods.According to the mold forming process, the mold can be divided into stamping mould, plastic mould, casting mould and forging mould.

I. market capacity of global automobile stamping die.

Since 2001, the global mold industry has been on a steady upward trend, with an average growth rate of more than 5%. By 2012, the global mold industry market reached us $94.5 billion.In developed countries, such as the United States, Germany and Japan, the mold demand for cars accounts for more than 40 percent of the total mold demand, which is estimated to have reached us $37 billion.According to the proportion of automobile stamping die production value accounting for 40% of the automobile mould value, the global auto stamping die market is about 15 billion usd.At present, North America, Europe, Japan as traditional demand market of automobile stamping die, still occupy the important position of global demand, the next few years the market demand growth will remain at a relatively stable level.Compared with the United States, Germany and Japan and other developed countries, emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil and Russia auto industry has developed rapidly, with related needs to expand the global auto stamping die the demand of the market space, and will gradually become a new engine of demand growth in the global automotive stamping mould.

2. General situation of automobile stamping die industry.

Downstream in the mold industry, automobile manufacturing tooling is bigger, in the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries car manufacturing, auto mould industry output value accounts for more than 40% of mold the industry output value, in our country has about a third of mold is in the service of the automobile manufacturing.General production of an ordinary car needs 1,000 to 1,500 sets of stamping die, about 40 percent of the total production value of the entire vehicle.

Automobile stamping die is an important technological equipment for automobile production, and its design and manufacturing time account for about 2/3 of the automobile development cycle, which is one of the main constraints of automobile change.The automobile stamping die has the characteristics of large size, complex working face and high technical standard, which belongs to technology-intensive products.Past automobile stamping tool widely used single mode and the structure design of compound die, and with the improvement of technology and equipment level, can reduce costs, improve production efficiency of multistep progressive die mold, is gradually applied in stamping die design and manufacture of the car, to become the development direction of automotive stamping mould manufacturing technology.

Iii. Analysis of the prospect demand of the global automobile stamping die market.

The development of the automobile stamping die industry is closely related to the development of the downstream automobile industry. The steady and rapid development of the downstream automobile industry will greatly promote the development of the automobile stamping die industry.

The rapid development of the auto industry steadily for automobile stamping die industry development to create a good environment in the process of production more than 90% of the parts need to rely on die forming, make a regular car requires about 1000 to 1500 sets of stamping die.A country's car production partly reflects the overall situation of the country's car molds.In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, traditional auto makers such as the us, Germany and Japan have seen a modest recovery in production, while demand in emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil has grown rapidly.According to IHS car research institutions from 2013 to 2020, the global light vehicle production growth rate will reach 3.6%, the growth rate will reach 5.7% in developing countries, developed countries growth will remain at about 1.2%, the rapid development of the downstream industry steadily for automobile stamping die industry development to create a good environment.