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The Production Enterprises Of Injection Mold To Interpret The Present Situation Of Chinese Engineering Plastics Market
Sep 30, 2017

Because engineering plastics with excellent performance, but also more in line with the tide of energy conservation and environmental protection, engineering plastics in recent years has been widely used in electrical, automotive, construction, office equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries, with plastic instead of steel, plastic and wood has become an international fashion trend. Engineering plastics has become the world's fastest growing in plastic industry, its development is not only to national pillar industry and the modern new and high technology industries play a supporting role, but also promote the traditional industry transformation and adjustment of product structure.

Over the past 10 years, engineering plastics industry in China has obtained the proud achievement, industry output value of the average annual growth rate of more than 20%, enterprise scale is growing stronger, must improve technology level, our country part of the product technology, quality indicators have been close to the foreign advanced level. Some special engineering plastic products technology has entered the international advanced ranks. In 2008, the consumption of engineering plastics in China was about 20.6 million tons. In 2010, the consumption of engineering plastics in China reached about 2.24 million tons.

According to the Chinese industry research network in 2016-2020 issued by the China engineering plastics market present situation analysis and development trend forecast, according to a report in China engineering plastics industry, along with the rapid development of national economy, has realized leap-forward progress, has gradually formed with resin synthesis, modification and alloy, plastic additives production, plastic mold manufacturing, and processing application and related supporting ability of complete industrial chain. As of 2011, the annual demand for China's engineering plastics market has been over 2 million tons, with a turnover of 100 billion yuan, and is expected to double again in five years. Arguably, China's engineering plastics industry has entered a period of rapid development.

"Twelfth five-year" period, China will further development, engineering plastics industry will focus on construction, henan, jiangsu, Shanghai and zhejiang engineering plastic base, due to the car, equipment, and electrical products demand recovery support, global engineering plastics demand will reach 20 million tons in 2015, the industry has huge potential. Update in 2011 countries in the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue, polycarbonate, liquid crystal polymer, nylon, poly (butyl glycol terephthalate (PBT), teflon, PPS, polyimide, such as production of engineering plastics and its application in building materials, machinery processing, rail transportation equipment and automotive lightweight applications have been listed as the state encourages investment............ Many national policies will actively support the development of the plastics industry during the 12th five-year plan period.

In the next decade, China will gradually shift from manufacturer to produce power, engineering plastics usage will be growing, and under cost pressure, the market localization calls for more and more is also high on the material, it will give domestic suppliers bring unlimited business opportunities and broad application prospects, and promote rapid development engineering plastic industry. At the same time, the huge market demand is driving the industry progress, China engineering plastics industry both in material molding equipment, processing, or application of market development, will enter a rapid development stage.