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TPV The Top 10 TV Brand In The Word
Dec 26, 2017

December 28, TPV annual output of 8 million LCD TV sets production base project officially settled in the digital TV Industrial Park of Beijing ETDZ.

It is understood that TPV Technology Group is the world's largest manufacturer for display products. Phase I of the production Base project will be put into operation in April 2011. The production capacity will reach 5 million LCD TV sets in 2013 and 8 million LCD TV sets in 2016. Xuanjiansheng, Chairman of the Board of TPV Group, expressed that Beijing will become one of the most important Bases of TPV Group for development, production and sale of liquid crystal TV sets, monitors and other high-end products in China or even in the world. 


We have cooperationed with TPV more than 10 years.

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