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YangFan Mold --How To Design Successful Plastic Mould?
Jan 29, 2018

Closely related to mold design and manufacturing and plastics processing. The success or failure of the plastic processing depends largely on the mold design effects and the quality of mold manufacturing, plastic mould design and plastics design. Therefore, the plastic mould in the design to take full account of structural elements, mainly:

A parting surface, the mold is closed when the die and punch each other with the contact surface. Its location and form of selected by the product shape and appearance, thickness, molding method, post-processing process, the mold type and structure, mold release method and molding machine structure factors.

Second, the gating system, that is, from the molding machine nozzle to the cavity between the feed channel, including sprue, shunt, gate, and cold material points. Selected gate location should be conducive to the full of the cavity, the molten plastic in a good flow state and solid-state flow channel and the gate attached to the products on the cold material is easy to mold from the mold top and be removed (heat Road molds).

Plastic shrinkage as well as the various factors affecting the product dimensional accuracy, such as mold manufacturing and assembly errors, mold wear. In addition, the design of compression molds and injection mold, you should also consider the process of molding machine and structural parameters of the matching. Has been widely used in plastic mould design and computer-aided design technology.